Introducing …

Introducing …

DSC_0047Introducing…our newest member of the team, Ruth Ann Smillie!

Smillie siblingsOur new baby girl joined us just before noon on August 6 (which is the excuse I’m using for the lack of blog content recently :D). The birth went perfectly, different and yet the same as the three before her. She has been welcomed by enthusiastically loving arms of her siblings (they’re just about loving her to pieces!) and has been such a joy.

We are so incredibly thankful for this new little bundle. And, now that she’s here (and we are sleeping again! YAY!) you’ll see some more fun things around here. So much to share! So many new things in the shop! And perhaps even a giveaway in the near future. :)


I’m so happy to be back blogging again, sharing thoughts, ideas and updates with you lovelies,



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